Tuesday, June 6, 2023

In Pictures: Downtown Wilmington on a Thursday Night

A weekly photographic look at what makes our area special.

Video: The sights and sounds of downtown Wilmington.

WILMINGTON — This week’s photo series explores the streets of downtown Wilmington on a Thursday night, from The Whiskey to the Pour House and all the live music in between.

“I mean, you don’t see this in New Jersey,” said Rachel Dewey, on vacation in Wilmington. “You see live bands, but once in a blue moon.”

David Fair, playing country music in the alley beside Rebellion NC, said he moved from Nashville to Wilmington four years ago for two reasons: he wanted to make a change, and he loved the live music scene in town.

“Playing here on tour, I just fell in love with the area,” said Fair.

That also goes with a certain rambunctious atmosphere that becomes evident as the night wears on.

“You can find just about anything happening down here, anything at all,” said Larry Smith, bouncer and sound engineer at The Whiskey and a Wilmington native. “Fights, and people gettin’ drunk, and just watching people in general. If you love to watch the public, this is the perfect place to be.”

Yellow Cab Company driver Charlie Bell, driving taxis since he was eighteen, knows full well the dangers of late night driving.

“In 1992, I was suckered from behind and lost my eye because somebody shattered a bottle in my face,” said Bell.

So keep your wits about you and don’t drive home drunk – there are plenty of taxi and rideshare options available late night.

Keep up with live music, comedy shows, and game nights at Downtown Wilmington Events.





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