Saturday, September 23, 2023

Wilmington Fire Department offers residents safety tips for winter storm

Two girls ride with a firefighter in Wilmington’s newest fire engine.

WILMINGTON — As the City of Wilmington prepares for continued cold temperatures and wintry precipitation, the Wilmington Fire Department is offering some fire and life safety tips in preparation of the current weather forecast.

According to the WFD, early preparation is key, get out flashlights and extra batteries and rearrange furniture and decorations to give space heaters space. Get supplies ready and heed warnings about icy conditions. Don’t go out unless absolutely necessary.

“If using space heaters or fireplaces for warmth, have a 3-foot zone around fires and heaters. Keep anything that can burn, including people and pets, at least 3 feet from the heat source. Unplug space heaters when going to bed or not in use. Unplugging space heaters reduces the risk of fire from that heat source completely,” according to a WFD press release.

For residents using fuel burning heaters or a fireplace to keep warm should be sure to have a working carbon monoxide alarm to monitor CO levels, and ensure the room is properly ventilated.

“Carbon Monoxide is a silent killer that cannot be smelled or seen. The symptoms of CO poisoning can include drowsiness and flu like symptoms. If you are using heating oil, wood, kerosene, or natural gas you should be especially cautious of CO poisoning, as burning fossil fuels creates carbon monoxide. High levels of CO can be fatal,” according to the release.

Never use an oven or a grill for an interior heat source and if the power goes out, and to ensure gas knobs are turned off. WFD also recommends using flashlights and not candles to light the way in the dark.


  • Get batteries and flashlights out now
  • Give space heaters space. Keep a 3 foot clear zone around all heat sources.
  • Unplug heaters before going to bed.
  • If using a fuel burning heater/ fire place, ventilate the room and use a carbon monoxide alarm
  • Carbon Monoxide is a silent killer. Flu like symptoms and drowsiness are cause for concern if burning wood, gas or kerosene
  • Working smoke alarms save lives
  • Don’t go out unless absolutely necessary

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