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ADHD and Overcoming Tragedy

How a family’s transformative journey creates a holistic care model to help kids with ADHD and raises Kindness to a whole new level!

Life often thrusts unexpected challenges upon us, pushing our limits and reshaping our paths. For our family, the profound loss of our son, Anthony, who struggled with ADHD and other learning difficulties, became the catalyst for a powerful mission. This is the story of how we turned our family tragedy into a vision aimed at providing holistic care and support for countless children and teenagers facing ADHD and their families. Additionally, Anthony’s kind loving way fueled our vision to bring events that will raise kindness to new heights and help build unity and togetherness!

A Heartfelt Beginning

Anthony was a sensitive, kind, loving boy who brightened a room with his contagious laughter. His warm heart made him everyone’s friend, always eager to share a smile. Despite his struggles, Anthony never harbored ill feelings and went out of his way to befriend new students, even when faced with the pain of sudden rejections.

Anthony Bellezza

Diagnosed with ADHD – Challenging Times & Wonderful Revelations

Anthony’s journey took a turn when diagnosed with ADHD and Dysgraphia. Challenges surfaced, including hyperactivity and severe impulsivity. Then the bullying started by students that he thought were his friends and Anthony became sad and frustrated. Seeking professional help, we found a psychiatrist specializing in ADHD, who initiated a successful treatment plan. As we got Anthony the help he needed, he discovered his talents in martial arts and later, a profound love for cars and motorcycles.

Anthony’s BMW

An Impulsive Act Causes Major Heartbreak

Despite overcoming the challenges Anthony faced, his impulsiveness led to a heartbreaking loss. At 18 years of age and about to graduate high school, Anthony had secured a spot at Northwood University, ready to pursue Automotive Marketing & Management. Yet, one impulsive act, fueled by an emotional relationship, changed everything. The sadness not only rippled through our family but the school and community. The aftermath revealed the impact Anthony had on others, as hundreds shared stories of his kindness at his viewing – telling us about his kind way, that his smile made their day and how he protected others against being bullied and watched over them. These words of Anthony’s kind and loving way were a blessing as they helped our family to make it through Anthony’s viewing.

From Grief to Inspirational Purpose

Facing the unimaginable grief of losing a child, we sought guidance from a psychiatrist to navigate our differing grieving processes. Accepting the tragedy, we confronted a choice: let it consume us or channel our grief into positive action. We chose the latter and in Anthony’s eulogy, we made a vow to help children and families facing similar struggles.

Creating a Transformative Holistic Care Model

After five years, we translated our grief into action, vowing to transform how ADHD and mental health are addressed. Our extensive research and collaboration with experts paved the way for a holistic care model. This comprehensive approach addresses medical, emotional, psychological, and social aspects, providing a “safe haven” for children to flourish. For more details and information, visit

The Power of Kindness – Building a Legacy / An Event for All Ages!

Anthony’s kind way is fueling our belief that kindness can play a pivotal role in overcoming challenges. We embedded a Kindness Program into our Holistic Care Model, aiming to raise kindness to a whole new level. With Anthony’s Birthday falling on February 13, immediately preceding random acts of kindness week in 2024 (February 14 – 20).

We have created a nationwide memorial event – Walk A Mile for Kindness & ADHD. Locally, this event is being held at the Hoggard Football Stadium. Registration is done directly on our website, We have individuals, teams, schools, churches, and businesses participating across the country. Come join us and together we can bring unity and togetherness with a simple purpose of being KIND and doing KIND ACTS!

Walk A Mile For Kindness Information


In the face of our son’s loss, we turned grief into a force for good. We want our journey to serve as inspiration as these wonderful children need to experience a positive fulfilling life. Through our holistic care model, we aspire to illuminate a path of hope for children with ADHD and mental health struggles, keeping Anthony’s spirit alive in every life we touch. Let our family motto guide you: “Today is the best day of your life, and tomorrow will be even better!”

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