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Marie Elizabeth Langworthy, 85

Marie Elizabeth Langworthy (Wilmington Funeral & Cremation)

LELAND — Marie Elizabeth Langworthy (aka “Aunt Betty”, aka “Mommy Dearest”), 85, of Leland North Carolina, passed away on February 7th after a brief illness.

Marie was born on May 24, 1938 to George & Mahar Joseph of Fall River, Massachusetts. After Marie graduated from Holy Name High School in 1956, she joined the convent becoming Sister Francis La Salles in 1962. Marie spent 16 years as a nun during which time she earned both her undergraduate & graduate degrees in English from Salve Regina University.

Upon leaving the convent in 1972, Marie had a career in public education working as a teacher and administrator in public school systems in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Connecticut.

Before retiring from the Groton Public School System where she led Technology & Media Services, Marie earned her Doctor of Education from Nova Southeastern University.

In the early 1980’s, Marie met John Crompton while attending night classes at community college. Marie was amazed by John’s ability to release snacks stuck in the vending machine. John’s super-power led to Marie’s first marriage lasting until John passed away in 1995. Together they traveled extensively to Europe and Asia.

Marie met her second husband, Robert Langworthy on April 1, 2008 (Anyone else see the irony here?). They were married January 19, 2013 and she became the great love of his life right after boating and fishing. They bought a home together in Columbia, Connecticut in January of 2009 and Marie retired from the Groton Public School System later that year.

Bob introduced her to his joy of gardening, and the many benefits of traveling with a disabled veteran. Marie returned the favor as only she would, by running over his foot with her beloved Nissan 370Z convertible and terrifying him with her driving. They enjoyed traveling to Hawaii, Alaska, Belize, and Costa Rica, among many other destinations, until Bob passed away in May of 2021.

To avoid further scandal, Marie absconded to Leland, North Carolina on September 23 of 2021 where she went on to co-author three books: Shifting Gears To Your Life & Work, Shifting Gears To Your Career, and QuickSwitch To Working Online. She loved riding her tricycle around her neighborhood, working out, and continuing to take classes.

Accompanied by her family & many close friends, Marie loved travel, reading, attending theater, movies, dining out (aka not cooking!) and not having children, at least none that she was willing to admit to. Despite her complete lack of maternal instincts, she reveled in the company of both of her husbands’ children and grandchildren.

Marie was predeceased by younger sister, Georgia Stark and nephew Shaune Stark. She is survived by her brother-in-law Charles Stark, her niece Erin Stark, her nephew (and reputed illegitimate child) Timothy Stark, and a traumatized air-fryer.

While no DNA tests have proved conclusive, those of us who were blessed to have Marie in our lives know that, given the right circumstances, she could be a ‘real mother’ when she wanted to!

Marie will be remembered for her irrepressible sense of humor, fierce independence, infectious curiosity, and her infamous ‘Four S’s’ (Smart, Strong, Stupid & Stubborn). Her final hours were filled with lively conversation, laughter, and a large frozen mocha shake with extra chocolate & caramel drizzle which she described as “better than sex”.

(Those of us who know her best, know that this is the obituary she would have wanted!)

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