Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Primo Hoagies

Meet Kathy Rooney and Cora Foley from Primo Hoagies.

  • Do you have a nickname?
    • Kathy: Poopsie
    • Cora: Coach
  • Is there a food you will not eat?
    • Kathy: Oysters
    • Cora: PB & J
  • What is your favorite movie?
    • Kathy: Christmas Story, Bridesmaids, Stepbrothers
    • Cora: Legally Blonde & Miss Congeniality
  • What is the one quality you admire most in others?
    • Kathy: Honesty
    • Cora: Honesty
  • Where is the next place you would like to visit?
    • Kathy: Grand Canyon
    • Cora: Portugal
  • Where is one place you would take a tourist in town?
    • Kathy: Fort Fisher
    • Cora: Riverwalk
  • Describe your perfect day off
    • Kathy: Outrigger canoeing/ paddling, go to Masonboro with a Primo Hoagie
    • Cora: Yoga class on Masonboro Island, then going to Ceviches

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