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Single family surge shows no signs of slowing in Brunswick County

The white-hot single family market continues to explode in Brunswick County, as development applications pour in once again. (Port City Daily photo/Johanna F. Still)

BRUNSWICK COUNTY — Since May of this year, there’s been an explosion of development applications in Brunswick County. The majority of them have been so-called planned developments, which require a comprehensive site plan prior to local government approvals.

Next week, the planning board will consider four new planned development applications and one major subdivision. These projects represent a collective 469 new homes, and 123 townhome units, inbound to the county over the next few years, pending final approvals.

Developers have found that pitching sprawling projects in Brunswick is a strong bet. Meanwhile, in Pender County, concerns over infrastructure are stunting residential proposals with intense densities, and vacant land in New Hanover is growing scarce beyond the northern corners.

All five of these major projects have been recommended for approval by Brunswick County planning staff. Former Brunswick County Commissioner Phil Norris — who helms an engineering firm — is guiding three of the five landowners through the approval process.

The planning board will consider these items and more at its July 12 meeting, at 6 p.m. in the Brunswick County Government Center. Read the full agenda here.

Projects approved in June: Another hefty slate of development proposals en route to Brunswick County

Projects approved in May: A frontier still untapped: Brunswick County approves 5 subdivisions

Hickman’s Crossing


Specs: 68 single-family lots; 17 total acres
Location: 1025 Calabash Road NW
Owner: Danny and Susan Hickman
Applicant: Norris & Tunstall Consulting Engineers, P.C. 

Fast Facts: This site plan is a revision of a previously approved planned development application; changes include the addition of three more lots and edits to the location of access driveways.

Gore Tract


Specs: 91 single-family lots; 23 total acres
Location: Beach Drive and Goose Creek Road
Owner: Edward and Roger Gore
Applicant: Norris & Tunstall Consulting Engineers, P.C. 

Coastal Haven


Specs: 112 single-family lots; 123 townhome units; 40 total acres
Location: Mt. Misery Road
Owner: Goudarzi & Goudarzi, LLC
Applicant: Norris & Tunstall Consulting Engineers, P.C.

Fast Facts: This acreage appears to have been purchased by the current owner for $245,000 in 1999, according to property records. The Goudarzi brothers are Wilmington-area doctors. Hormoze Goudarzi spearheaded a land-buying spree two decades ago in Scotts Hill; the parcels he amassed in that region have now become part of the New Hanover Regional Medical Center empire.

The Courtyards by Carrell


Specs: 66 single-family lots; 22 total acres
Location: 7040 Ocean Highway
Owner: Carrell Homes, LLC (Bruce Carrell)
Applicant: McGill and Associates

Fast Facts: This proposed development comprises parts of four different parcels. The application suggests 4 acres could be dedicated to commercial space.

Allston Park

Alston Park

Specs: 132 single-family lots; 63 total acres
Location: Shingletree Road
Owner: Mungo Homes Coastal Division Coastal Division, LLC
Applicant: Coastal Land Design

Fast Facts: The building company Mungo Homes already owns the three parcels that will be conglomerated into the Allston Park subdivision, according to the application. The developer has pledged to include nearly 19 acres of open space, though only 3.17 acres are required.

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