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No. 4 Most-Read Story of 2020: Covid-19 model warns of dire consequences

NHRMC staff donning face masks guard the main entrance of the 17th Street hospital in late March, allowing only a limited number of support personnel who are free of symptoms. (Port City Daily photo/Mark Darrough)

SOUTHEASTERN N.C. — As part of our countdown to 2021, Port City Daily is revisiting some of its biggest stories of 2020.

Coming in fourth is a detailed breakdown of a study widely considered by medical and political authorities early on in the pandemic.

The study predicted what would happen if the state eased up on restrictions. It predicted a 50% chance that hospital beds would exceed capacity if social distancing protocols were to be lifted at the end of April. That didn’t happen, which meant much of the dire consequences predicted in the study did not come true.

The study predicted 750,000 people would be infected with Covid-19 by June 1; as of Dec. 21, more than 483,00 people have had positive test results reported to the state.

Read the original piece, which published April 6, below:

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