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RV Park expansion, Castle Hayne project rezoning on planning board docket

On Dec. 3 Cindee Wolf will present to the board the RV Park expansion at Snow’s Cut. (Port City Daily/File)

SOUTHEASTERN NC—Two items of interest will be on the agenda at a Dec. 3 meeting of the New Hanover County Planning Board: a request to expand an existing RV park on River Road, and a proposed rezoning of land near the Cape Fear River that will allow a development project to expand its footprint.

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Snow’s Cut RV Park

A constant presence in the county development scene recently, Cindee Wolf will pitch the RV park expansion to the planning board on Thursday. In recent months, she represented a lawn care franchise, outdoor furniture store and numerous other projects that have sought the favor of local governing boards. On at least one occasion she prompted a glowing review from county manager Chris Coudriet, who lauded her in an email for promoting healthy development. 

Wolf, according to developer Dave Spetrino, “understands what motivates staff as well as the elected officials.” 

“I’ve watched her move mountains,” he noted in a text message. 

The owner of the Snow’s Cut RV Park, CWEST, LLC, maintains an existing campground of 3.6 acres, approved in 2018. Wolf and the property owner are requesting authorization to use an additional 4.2-acre parcel, directly to the west of the campground, for 28 new camper spaces. 

The property on River Road has two points of access, and the applicant’s permit request involves the addition of a third — which would require an additional driveway permit from the N.C. Department of Transportation.

The permit application package notes that land to the north of the subject site has historically been used as a campground and RV park since the 1960s; further, RV parks are not mentioned in the county’s 2016 Comprehensive Land Use Plan.

A proposed expansion to the Snow’s Cut RV Park would allow for 28 new campground sites. (New Hanover County Staff)

“However, these uses are common in many communities along the North Carolina coast, including New Hanover County, and can support tourism and public access to water and natural resources,” according to staff notes.

Preservation Point

The Preservation Point project, represented by Coastal Land Design, is a subdivision along Castle Hayne Road that includes a 7-acre “private island.” Developers behind the project also own a 71-acre land tract directly south of the subdivision, currently located in an area zoned for industrial use. County land use staff note the subject site “contains both swamp forest and brackish marsh.” The rezoning request appears to be intended to increase the connectivity of the Preservation Point lots, without leading to the creation of new properties.

The existing Preservation Point site plan includes the infrastructure for 123 lots. The application package asserts “no additional lots will be added to the subdivision if this rezoning is approved.”

The application package also indicates the rezoning request would allow for existing lots to extend to the creeks and canals included in the subject site, which would expand the current parcels within Preservation Point, but seemingly not lead to the creation of new lots.

Developers behind Preservation Point say the 71-acre rezoning request would not lead to new property sites, but rather be used as a conservation buffer. (New Hanover County Staff)

The project is expected to be completed in full by 2023, and include 123 single-family homes and 27 multi-family dwellings; a 5,000-square foot day care center and a sit-down restaurant; a shop that sells donuts and coffee; and a small office building.

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