Monday, June 27, 2022

Belville begins work on two multi-use path to create safe access to elementary school

The Town of Belville will soon construct a mutli-use path along Highway 133 to ensure safe travel between Belville Elementary School and surrounding residential neighborhoods. (Port City Daily photo/Courtesy Town of Belville)

BELVILLE — The Town of Belville will soon begin work on a 0.5-mile multi-use path project with funding it received from the Wilmington Metropolitan Planning Organization.

WMPO awarded Belville $350,000 to construct two multi-use paths that connect along Highway 133. One 0.2-mile path will stretch from the Rice Hope neighborhood to Belville Elementary, and the second will connect the school to the Hawkeswater neighborhood.

Belville will pitch in 20% of the project cost, $70,000, with its own funding to complete the projects.

Local officials held a ceremony Friday morning to commemorate the path. Representative Frank Iler, Belville commissioners, Brunswick County commissioners, engineering, school, and transportation representatives were in attendance at the event, which was compliant with state gathering orders, according to a town press release.

“Making sure its children can get to school safely is one of the most important jobs of any town, especially one on the verge of significant growth like Belville,” Mayor Mike Allen said in a press release. “We thank the WMPO for this funding. These paths will benefit Belville’s children for decades to come.”

Once completed, the multi-use path will connect the two neighborhoods with a safe passage to the elementary school. Engineering and design work is currently underway.

“The WMPO is excited to partner with Belville in these efforts and look forward to the completion of these important transportation infrastructure improvements,” Mike Kozlosky, Executive Director of the Wilmington Urban Area Metropolitan Organization, said in a press release.

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