Sunday, May 22, 2022

ICYMI – Southport businesses team up, River Place costs increase (again), and more [Free read]

When the NCDOT put ferry service on hold for long-term infrastructure repairs, Southport businesses felt the impact acutely. Now, they’re teaming up to try and kickstart off-season business.

Road improvements that have long been pitched as part of the River Place project could end up costing upward of $2.6 million more than expected, and the city will bear some of that burden. It’s far from the first budget overrun for the city’s public-private project.

Find out more about what’s going to be on the menu — and about the man behind the new restaurant.

Three schools activated ‘shelter in place’ protocols after a shooting took place less than a block away from the school.

The development was approved in 2018 — and then the project’s developer requested significant changes to the plan. Neighbors say they feel they’ve been lied to.

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