Friday, March 24, 2023

Man carrying 112 grams of crack pleads guilty to trafficking and assault after spitting on an officer

WILMINGTON — A 41-year-old Wilmington man, Matthew Newsome, pled guilty to Trafficking in Cocaine, possession, and assault on a government official.

Newsome was sentenced to a minimum of 51 months and a maximum term of 80 months in the North Carolina Department of Adult Correction, according to a press release from District Attorney Ben David.

“On May 29, 2019, at around 6:35 a.m., officers from the Wilmington Police Department responded to a residence on South 8th Street regarding a potential break-in. When they arrived, they found Newsome trying to gain access to the home while carrying a black in color shopping bag. The defendant was sweating profusely and obviously under the influence of an impairing substance. EMS responded to treat Newsome, at which time they discovered he was carrying 112.03 grams of crack cocaine inside his shopping bag, according to the press release.

“The defendant then became both uncooperative and violent, as Newsome spit on an officer’s face and arms while they were assisting EMS in strapping the defendant onto a stretcher. Eventually a spit hood was placed on Newsome and he was transported to the hospital for treatment. The defendant also has a lengthy criminal history for both drug and firearm offenses.”

While drugs like heroin and other opioids have seemingly taken the forefront of the public eye, cocaine is still a problem in the region.

“Thanks to the hard work of officers from the Wilmington Police Department, a massive amount of crack cocaine was seized before it hit the streets of Wilmington. Even though we are still battling the opioid crisis here in New Hanover County, other dangerous drugs, including both powder and crack cocaine are also being found in massive quantities,” David concluded.

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