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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Surfrider Foundation teams up once again with Carolina Beach to rebuild dunes with Christmas Trees

Erosion has taken its toll on the beach but dead Christmas Trees are being used to help revitalize the dunes (Port City Daily/Michael Praats)
Erosion has taken its toll on the beach but dead Christmas Trees are being used to help revitalize the dunes. (Port City Daily/Michael Praats)

CAROLINA BEACH — The Cape Fear Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation has partnered once again with the Town of Carolina Beach in their annual effort to help rebuild the dunes.

“Cape Fear Surfrider Foundation will coordinate with the Town of Carolina Beach to partake in a dune re-building program using recycled Christmas trees. This yearly project helps to rebuild natural habitat, protect oceanfront property, and divert the old trees from the landfill,” according to the group’s Facebook page.

As in the past, everyone is invited to help with the project which will take place on Jan. 25, 2020 starting at 11 a.m., volunteers are asked to bring a shovel, tape measure, and scissors.

There will also be treats for those coming out to help in the dune-building efforts. Wake N Bake Donuts will provide food while North End Cafe to-go will provide coffee.

Volunteers are also not required to bring their own tree — for those living in the beach town it is as simple as putting the tree out on the curb. Those not living in Carolina Beach can still help though by recycling their trees through the county.

“You do not need to bring your xmas tree, the town collects them for us. If you do not live in CB and want to recycle your tree via the county, please visit drop off locations here.

The town has seen fairly severe dune erosion over the past few years due, in part, to major storms like Florence and Dorian. The town recently underwent a beach nourishment project, but places like Freeman Park are eroding at unprecedented speed.

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