Thursday, December 7, 2023

ICYMI – $2 million in legal bills, Wilmington shootings, and more

Authorities seized two pistol-style BB guns; two teenager suspects facing felony charges.

A recent law allowed alcohol sales at university sports events — that’s created a big business opportunity overnight. But will local brewers be able to get in on it?

In the last week, there have been five shootings between 17th Street and the Cape Fear River, leaving at least five injured, two seriously.

Wilmington officials haven’t offered much in the way of public commentary on the recent shootings; one newly-elected Councilman is hoping to change the city’s approach to gun violence.

The latest on the city’s attempt to find privatize the management of the Hugh Morton Amphitheater (a.k.a. Greenfield Lake Amphitheater). Plus, financial details that show just why there might be interest in the opportunity.

There’s a lot of things you could do with $2 million. In northern Brunswick County, that’s what local governments on the legal battle of H2GO.

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