Wednesday, April 24, 2024

ICYMI – Doubled rents, Wilmington’s noise problem, Cape Fear Crossing criticized

After months of inactivity, Market North Apartments filed dozens of work permits with the county. Owners also requested HUD permission to double rent on subsidized tenants. So, what’s going on with the complex, once one of Wilmington’s largest low-income housing areas?

Wilmington’s Market North asks HUD to double rents, cites debt due to ‘sale of property’

School’s out, money’s tight, what are you going to do? Check out plenty of free events around the area.

Here are seven free things to do in Wilmington as school wraps up

Wilmington’s noise ordinances are confusing — for everyone, including police, residents, and business owners. Can they be simplified without creating a tidal wave of paperwork or leaving too much up to the discretion of officers?

Wilmington considers complete rewrite of noise code, Council worries about red tape

The Southern Environmental Law Center pulled no punches in its evaluation of the planning work NCDOT has done so far on the Cape Fear Crossing. SELC even questions NCDOT’s rationale for the project in the first place.

SELC roasts NCDOT’s Cape Fear Crossing study as ‘riddled with myriad errors, omissions, and misrepresentations’

Many public officials have agreed for a while: WAVE needs to make changes in order to survive. Now, however, the debate could be about whether or not the city-county public transportation system should continue operating.

Will New Hanover County bail out WAVE or hand it over to Wilmington?

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