Designed to improve traffic-carrying capacity on N.C. 211, the project begins at the Midway Road intersection and ends at N.C. 87.

Though the original construction schedule indicates the project would have begun in 2018, utility plans are still being worked out. While the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) works to move existing utility lines, Brunswick County has requested an upgrade. On Tuesday, Brunswick County will vote to approve replacing its 16-inch wastewater main with an expanded, 24-inch line to accommodate larger capacity.

NCDOT covers non-betterment activities but upgrading the county’s sewer lines on this portion of N.C. 211 is considered “betterment.” The upgrades will cost $2,399,164, but the county is eligible for a credit because of its ability to remove a section of asbestos concrete water line and downsize a raw water main. That leaves the amount Brunswick County is responsible for to $440,728.

According to a January NCDOT project update, the total cost of the 6.6-mile widening project is an estimated $121,468,000.

Steve Abbott, an NCDOT spokesperson, said construction is set to start as early as the first week of June. Abbott added that the estimated cost is subject to change, as contracts have not yet been bid or awarded.

Update: Jan, 23: This article has been updated to include comment from an NCDOT spokesperson who was not immediately available at the time of publication.

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