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Surf City councilman announces bid for mayor’s office

In an email to his constituents, Councilman Jeremy Shugarts said that he and Mayor Doug Medlin promised a "clean and professional campaign."

Surf City mayor Doug Medlin sets forth a motion for the town to draw up two ordinances, one to allow food trucks with regulations, the other to prohibit food trucks, to be proposed at the next town council meeting on Dec. 4. (Port City Daily photo/Mark Darrough)
Surf City councilmember Jeremy Shugarts, second from left, announced that he will run against Mayor Doug Medlin, second from right. (Port City Daily photo/Mark Darrough)

SURF CITY — Surf City Councilman Jeremy Shugarts has announced his candidacy for the office of the mayor.

In an email to his constituents Tuesday morning, Shugarts said that he made the initial announcement to a small group of Surf City residents on Jan. 7.

“Although I am a minority in a majority and my hands have been tied, I feel inspired and energized by you,” Shugarts wrote. “This is not a secret or clandestine. I had a wonderful time having coffee with Mayor Medlin, discussing my intentions, after my announcement. We agreed on the importance of having a clean and professional campaign.”

Three councilmembers’ seats will also be up for re-elections this November: those of William Fowler, Nelva Albury, and Donald Helms.

In the email Shugarts also made several announcements regarding the town’s recovery from Hurricane Florence.

He said there will be a “Beach Nourishment” workshop at the town hall starting at 9 a.m. on Friday, where the firm contracted by the town for its beach renourishment work, TI Coastal Services will be providing status information.

He also said that property damage totals from the hurricane are now estimated at $24 million.

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