Monday, March 4, 2024

The next six years: A letter from the publisher

Dear PCD Reader,

Six years ago, compelled by local news sources that polarized important issues, played fast and loose with facts, and overlooked stories that were too complicated or controversial, we started Port City Daily.

From the beginning, our promise has been to steer clear of opinions, unreliable sources, and speculation and give Wilmington and other Cape Fear communities the accurate information they need to make their own decisions, rather than leading them to agree with us.  

We quickly learned that communities everywhere want news they can trust and, equally important, news that digs deeper to ask “why” rather than just reporting “what.”

It doesn’t stop there. The next step is to try to fully understand what it means to us as residents, taxpayers, and stakeholders in this community we love.

From the remarkable number of readers we are so grateful to have, there has also come a resounding request for “more.”  

Like when our news team looked into the life of a homeless man and the lives he touched, instead of just reporting on his murder.

Or when our Managing Editor covered the opioid crisis long before it became a national trend. That reporting led to help change state legislation.

Or when our government reporter asked about the impact traffic Military Cutoff development projects would have on the community before they came before city council, instead of just reporting on the vote afterward.

And there are the stories about the people who call this place home and enrich us with both what they do now to better our community, and what they have done in other places to impact people all over the world.  

After careful and thoughtful reflection on your feedback, we accept the mission to provide more, and we will be expanding our business news, investigative pieces and stories about the faces of this community.

In return, we are asking that you invest a little in us as well.  

Shortly, we will be transitioning to a subscription basis for full access to all of our news stories.  

We are asking for your investment of just 29¢ a day for a daily news source that is full of the energy of this community every day.  

More importantly, we are hoping that our six years of dedication to transforming the news serving this community, along with our commitment to do even more, merits your support.

Invest just a little in us, and we promise to invest even more in you.  

Thomas G. Davis

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