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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

ICYMI: What’s going on at the Riverwalk? Plus, evictions, delays, and development

Since the proposed houseboat community was first announced in late Spring, there’s been a lot of questions about The Strands. We sat down with developer Chuck Schoninger for an inside look at how things will work. READ MORE

Wilmington’s new houseboat neighborhood: What it will look like, how it will work

In many ways, the end of a dramatic series of Planning Commission and City Council votes on a series of large mixed-use developments along Military Cutoff Road in Wilmington. READ MORE

Wilmington City Council approves 1-million-square-foot CenterPoint development on Military Cutoff Road

While the court battle between Harris Teeter and another grocer – most likely Publix – has stalled progress, tenants in the Federal Point shopping center have been in limbo. That is, until this week, when they received 30-day eviction notices. READ MORE

Carolina Beach Maxway going out of business, Federal Point stores given just weeks to vacate

One year ago this week, the deadline expired on an agreement between the Riverwalk developer at City Council to build public bathroom. It now appears that PPD, which has final say over development in the area, blocked efforts to build temporary units — and the responsibility to finish the project may now be Wilmington’s. READ MORE

One year, no Riverwalk bathrooms. It may now be Wilmington’s responsibility to build them

The shopping center in Leland could be delayed until November, while developers continue to search for an ideal tenant for a remaining space. READ MORE

Dunkin’ Donuts, other tenants to open later than expected in Leland

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