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Saturday, May 18, 2024

East Coast BrewBoat brings pedal-powered booze cruises to Wilmington riverfront

The cruises are - mostly - human-powered and BYOB. How fast and far the boat goes is up to the passengers.

WILMINGTON—The Port City’s first pedal-powered “brewboat” has landed on the Cape Fear River at the Port City Marina.

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The BYOB pedal cruise service is owned by Charlie and Chrissy Mize. On Monday, the Mizes reached an agreement with Port City Marina which will permit their brewboat to dock on Wilmington Riverwalk.

Charlie Mize said the “green” boat will not pollute the waterways.

“We’re a majority human-powered,” Mize said. With solar panels on top, a backup electric motor and muscle from its passengers, the boat is “100 percent green.”

Pedal resistance can be adjusted based on the passenger’s level of commitment. For those that aim to relax, or get in a workout, East Coast BrewBoat’s captain can ease the ride or up the ante.

“It’s like changing gears on a bike,” Mize said. “If you get all 10 people pedaling you drop it all the way down and it adds more bite.”

Video: Catch a sneak peek of what a trip on the brewboat is like.

The captain and crew keep a mobile application on hand that tracks the boat’s speed to help encourage competitive passengers.

We like to challenge everyone to see how fast they can go,” Mize said. 

The Mizes’ first brewboat was operated out of Murrells Inlet, in South Carolina. There the record speed for the brewboat was 8 miles per hour or about 7 knots. But Mize guesses the Cape Fear River’s currents will bump the speeds up.

“We always say how far and fast we go is up to you,” he said, adding that the 1.5-hour BYOB cruise can cover anywhere from five to seven miles.

An added benefit, Mize said, is that bringing your own drinks can cut down on the cost.

“Everybody is looking for something different,” Mize said. “A lot of people kind of use it as a pregame because it saves them money.”

Passengers load their brews into a trough in the middle an “adult playpen,” as Mize called it.

“As long we have our sober captain and mates that’s all we need to have a good time,” Mize said. “It’s kind of a fun, social experience.”

Individuals can register for a booze cruise for $35 per person. The East Coast BrewBoat can accommodate private charters of up to 15 people.

Running Wednesday through Sunday, reservations can be made online here. More information on the Port City’s first brew boat can be found on East Coast BrewBoat’s website.

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