Thursday, July 25, 2024

Newsroom Podcast June 3 – Carolina Beach parking, Military Cutoff development, answering reader questions

After a busy week we're covering a number of stories. Plus, in a new segment we're answering reader questions

This week we tackle parking increases at Carolina Beach, and talk about one Town Council member who wants to raise rates even more. We also look at the latest on mixed-use projects on Military Cutoff, including one development that has asked us to stop reporting on traffic impact.

We also get into the recently passed state budget, which included provisions for school supplies — but only for one district in the state. And we answer a question a few readers asked: why did we name Michael Lee in the budget story? (Short answer: it has to do with the way the budget bill was created by Republicans from an old bill, in order to prevent Democrats from being able to add amendments.)

Lastly, we check in on the Carolina Beach Amusement Park and the latest from our Brews and Bites section, a very large brewery nearing completion on Randall Parkway.

If you missed these stories, you can check them out below — then dive into the podcast for a deeper look at the issues.

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