Monday, June 24, 2024

Newsroom Podcast May 13 – Chemours’ power move, shoreline hardening and Carolina Beach’s ‘maybe Publix’

Chemours responds to a recent round of threatened lawsuits and regulatory action by asking the state to allow a thousand-fold increase in GenX levels in the water. Plus, a look at the issue of shoreline 'hardening.' Finally, the latest from the beaches


This week we discovered Chemours has asked the state to let it dump 1,000 times–that’s right, 1,000 times–more GenX into the water. We get into what that means and why we’re focusing on this particular development.

Then, we take a deeper look at the “hardening” of North Carolina’s shoreline with reporter Johanna Ferebee: what does it mean, who does it affect, and what’s next?

And, lastly, we check on the latest in the Carolina Beach grocery store battle between Harris Teeter and an as-of-yet-unnamed grocery store we’re calling “maybe Publix.” Bonus: Assistant Editor Ben Schachtman sneaks in a dad joke, a podcast first.

If you missed our series on shoreline hardening, you can catch up on them below, then dive into the podcast for a deeper look at the issues.

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