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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Wilmington Police Department to offer free and frequent women’s self-defense classes

After receiving high demand for its first free women's self-defense class in October, the Wilmington Police Department will begin offering courses more frequently

The Wilmington Police Department has plans to extend its women's self-defense class offerings. (Port City Daily photo /COURTESY WILMINGTON POLICE DEPARTMENT)
The Wilmington Police Department has plans to extend its women’s self-defense class offerings. (Port City Daily photo / COURTESY WILMINGTON POLICE DEPARTMENT)

WILMINGTON — After offering a free women’s self-defense class in the fall, the Wilmington Police Department realized there’s a much greater demand for safety instruction than it initially expected.

Jennifer Dandron, spokeswoman for the Wilmington Police Department, said after the first free course in October, the department has made plans to offer additional courses in the future.

“It’s obviously a need in the community and it’s something that women want,” Dandron said. 

The class demonstrates practical moves women can utilize if they ever find themselves in a dangerous situation.

Dandron says that the department has future plans to tailor the class to specific ages, from high school students to seniors. The department hopes to offer the free class once per month or once every other month moving forward.

On Feb. 22, the police department will host its second free class. It already has 10 spots reserved from a wait list formed in the fall and 20 spots remain open to registration.

From 6 p.m. until 8 p.m., the class will be lead by police officers at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church on North 16th Street. To register, call the Police Community Relations office at 910-343-3950.

Johanna Ferebee can be reached at or @j__ferebee on Twitter

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