Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Baaaaamaste: Goat Yoga comes to Tidal Creek Co-op

WILMINGTON — Yoga is one of the most popular exercise methods in the world, combining stretching with deep breathing, it can leave one feeling rejuvenated and enlightened. But what happens when you combine yoga with goats? Surely a recipe for a good time!

Tidal Creek Co-op partnered with Be Life Farm to host the “Goats on the Grass” event this past Saturday. According to Mike Jordan, co-owner of Be Life Farm with his wife Mary Jordan, this is the first time they’ve gotten involved in the goat yoga trend.

“We already had the goats, we actually make soap as our main business with the goat milk we harvest, and to get that milk, our goats have to have babies every spring.”

After Tidal Creek began carrying their soap and seeing how popular the goat yoga trend was online, they decided to give it a go themselves with the Goats on the Grass event.

Goat yoga is like traditional yoga, only in an almost petting zoo like environment. The goats are fenced off to avoid escapes, and participants interact with the animals while practicing techniques.

Emily Truss, a participant in the event, said “It was a fun challenge trying to keep centered among the goats and the people running around you.”

She noted it was a different experience than your typical yoga session, saying “I think having the animals on site really allowed for a more spiritual experience, it was a really good time.”

“We’re really excited about the event,” Jordan said. “We had originally planned on having just one class, but after seeing the level of interest, we decided to have three.”

Over 60 people signed up for Saturday’s event, and Be Life Farms plans on returning for more goat yoga events in the future.

Goats on the Grass featured live music from ‘The Broccoli Brothers Circus,’ a kids art workshop, and a goat milking demonstration in addition to goat yoga.

Be Life Farms is located in Kelly, N.C., and works closely with Wilmington based companies to make their various goat milk soaps. For information, visit its website at belifefarm.com, or follow the farm on Facebook.

Tidal Creek Co-op is a consumer-owned cooperative natural food store. They aim to offer high-quality, natural foods at competitive prices, working to connect Wilmington to local growers, suppliers and farmers, like Be Life Farm. For more information, visit its website at tidalcreek.coop.  Check out Tidal Creek’s Facebook page to find future events.

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