Thursday, July 25, 2024

Brunswick County voters approve $152 million school bond

The reconstruction of Brunswick County’s oldest school, Lincoln Elementary in Leland, is among the key projects included in a $152 million bond referendum.

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC — Voters approved the divisive $152 million school bond that has divided the county’s Board of Education and Board of Commissioners. After months of division, the Board of Education finally came together on the bond at the beginning of the year and in May of this year unveiled a line-item budget for improvements covered by the bond.

Superintendent Les Tubb gave his thanks to Brunswick County voters, “The outcome of this election will allow our school system to remain a system of community schools.”

The comprehensive project directs funds to each of the county’s 19 schools, giving priority to those most in need of repairs and expansion. All of the county’s schools save one, Belville Elementary, are expected to exceed their maximum capacities in the next three to five years.

The bond will create a new $24.5 million middle school in Town Creak to alleviate overcrowding at Leland Middle. The county’s oldest school — Lincoln Elementary — will receive $4.6 million to upgrade the 59-year–old school. West Brunswick high, at the other end of the county, is already over capacity. That school will get a massive $17 million expansion, adding a new science lab, improved athletic facilities and 12 new classrooms.

Board of Education Chairman Bud Thorsen, who will retired after 18 years of service, called the victory, “a great sendoff and has definitely capped my career on the Board.”

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