Friday, April 12, 2024

City makes progress on flooding issues with stormwater improvements

Drainage pipes on Amber Drive. Photo courtesy of the City of Wilmington.
Drainage pipes on Amber Drive. Photo courtesy of the City of Wilmington.

The City of Wilmington has made progress on some of their stormwater improvement projects.

Failing drainage pipes on Amber Drive were replaced just before the last round of heavy rains. The new pipes helped to alleviate some of the flooding that occurred in the neighborhood. Another nearby planned project, in the Brookshire-Beasley area, will be one of the largest drainage improvements done by the city. The $4 million project includes a large culvert under Waltmoor Drive that has already been installed as part of the endeavor.

A new culvert has also been installed under Patricia Drive as part of the city’s Wisteria/Clearwater stormwater project. Along with helping to ease flooding, the two-phase, $5.4 million project will also make the quality of water runoff entering Hewlett’s Creek better, as well as help the city’s ability to do long-term maintenance on the area’s stormwater system.

Other recently completed projects include a $1.2 million drainage improvement project in Inland Greens, $390,000 in drainage improvements in Lincoln Forest, a $380,000 culvert project under Rogersville Road and $300,000 in drainage improvements along Antelope Trail.

The City of Wilmington has completed about $34.2 million in stormwater and drainage improvements since 1999 and has $38 million planned for future projects. Upcoming improvements include a $9.6 million, two-phase, multi-year project that will help flooding problems on New Centre Drive. It will also be one of the largest drainage improvement projects the city has ever undertaken.

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