Sunday, July 14, 2024

Cap on towing fee might vanish

The cap on what towing companies can charge for involuntary towing in Wilmington might disappear.

The agenda for Wilmington City Council’s next meeting–Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.–includes a tweak to lift that cap in light of a court ruling that conflicts with local policy.

The specific cap in question is $100 on involuntary towing of vehicles from private lots.

“The N.C. Supreme Court recently ruled that while cities have the authority to regulate towing within their borders, they can’t put a cap on private towing fees,” a bulletin from the city’s communications office said Friday.

That was a case against the Town of Chapel Hill, decided in June, that determined that town didn’t have the power to put a fee schedule on “nonconsensual” towing at private lots.

Caps would remain, though, for towing from public streets or highways following law violations–for instance, if a car is in a “no parking” area. That’s $100.

The cap to tow a car from the scene of a wreck is $150.

The same cap applies to the towing of junked cars or those posing a threat to health or safety.

Click here to view the city council’s full agenda.

Its meeting will take place in Wilmington City Hall, 102 N. Third St.

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