Carr’s Academy owner, employee sentenced for repeatedly striking children with belt

NEW HANOVER COUNTY –– The owner of Carr’s Academy and one employee were sentenced Tuesday for repeatedly striking two children with a belt at the daycare this past spring.

Pamela Carr and employee Geraldine Sidbury pled no contest to two counts of assault on children under 12. Both received 18 months of supervised probations and a 120-day suspended sentence. Neither may make contact with any minors other than relatives.

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The charges stem from a May 26 incident at the center. Wilmington police investigated and found Sidbury punished two children for arguing on the bus with the belt. Carr “retrieved the belt from Sidbury and hit both children on the hands as well,” according to a release from the district attorney’s office.

The children later told an elementary school teacher they were “whooped,” and a social worker informed the parents, who then confronted Carr.

Carr denied it at the time, but video evidence and detective interviews with the kids and present adults corroborated the stories.

Per North Carolina Administrative Code, workers of a childcare center can not subject children to any form of corporal punishment.

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