Deputies arrest man in connection to stolen items dumped into the Cape Fear

WILMINGTON — New Hanover sheriff’s deputies have arrested Nickolas Davis on 18 charges of larceny and injury to personal property.

Davis is connected to the investigation of two stolen vehicles, trailers and mini excavators from Ansco & Associates, which were dumped into the North East Cape Fear River.

Last Wednesday deputies were called to the scene of the missing equipment at 104 Croatian Rd. They then found information that directed them to the Castle Hayne boat ramp, wherein they operated a CSI drone to detect oil slicks at the top of the river water, close to the boat ramp area.

New Hanover Sheriff’s Department deployed its boat unit to conduct underwater scans. They saw a shape of a truck and trailer with a mini excavator and sent the dive unit down to investigate. One truck with an attached trailer and mini excavator was submerged close to the ramp. It took more than 12 hours to retrieve the two stolen trucks, trailers and mini excavators. 

The investigation is ongoing.

Anyone with information can text a tip here or call 910-798-4200.

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