Brunswick County ends Covid-19 state of emergency

Brunswick County is no longer in a declared state of emergency for Covid-19.

BRUNSWICK COUNTY – Brunswick County is no longer in a state of emergency for Covid-19.

Commissioner chair Randy Thompson terminated the declaration Monday at 9 a.m.

“While we still need to remain vigilant in our efforts to prevent future spread of Covid-19, the improvements we are seeing in our recent case counts and vaccination rates are the most encouraging signs we’ve seen for a year now,” Thompson said in a press release. “Just as we do following every hurricane or major storm, the time has come for us to begin our recovery efforts for both public health and our local economy.”

The termination comes two days to the year the emergency state began. Then-chair Frank Williams issued the declaration back when there were just 10 cases and 184 pending tests in the county.

Since then, more than 8,400 people in Brunswick County tested positive. Of those, over 8,000 recovered and 141 died from the virus.

Now Brunswick County is reporting decreasing Covid-19 cases. In the first two weeks of March, less than 300 cases were identified. Yet, in the first half of January, there were more than 1,000 cases reported.

“I have determined that the conditions constituting a state of emergency no longer exist in Brunswick County,” Thompson wrote in the declaration.

The county has given first dose vaccines to 30% of its residents. Nearly 20% have received their second shots.

“The commissioners and I cannot thank nor commend our health, public safety, and community partners at the local and state levels enough for the service and support they have offered throughout this pandemic,” Thompson said. “They truly are the reason that we have come so far already, and will be an essential part of our recovery efforts moving forward.”

There are no other restrictions in Brunswick County at this time other than what the governor has ordered statewide. Those directives include the face covering mandate, capacity restrictions on businesses, and mass gathering limits of 25 people inside and 50 outside.

In a press release, the county said it will continue education on Covid-19 precautionary practices moving forward. It’s also planning for the use of its American Rescue Plan funds.

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