Carolina Beach will smoke-test sanitary sewer system

CAROLINA BEACH — On Tuesday, Mar. 9, and Wednesday, Mar. 10, Carolina Beach will do a smoke test of its sanitary sewer system. The test will take place between Carolina Beach Avenue North and Canal Drive (east to west) from Clam Shell Lane to Pelican Lane (north to south).

Crews will open and enter manholes in the streets and through public utility easements in order to assess breaks and defects that may be present in the system. What they find can help reduce costs and improve services.

A nontoxic smoke, manufactured specifically for this job, helps trace stormwater runoff and how other surface waters enter the system. The smoke has a distinctive odor yet doesn’t leave behind residue, stains, nor does it affect local habitats, including animals of plants.

The town advises to contact a member of the crew if the smoke enters your home or business.

Other questions can be directed to Bill Raymond, Wastewater Treatment Plant Superintendent: (910) 465-1946.

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