Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Podcast May 27 – Coping with Phase 2: Bars, breweries, and Wilmington’s ‘downtown alive’ [Free listen]

On this episode we look at some of the fallout from Governor Roy Cooper’s ‘more cautious’ Phase 2.

Bar owners were caught off guard by last-minute changes that dropped their businesses from the list of places that could reopen. While other groups, including craft breweries and distilleries, were able to exert powerful lobbying pressure on Cooper’s office, bars apparently didn’t have enough of a voice. Now, there’s a move afoot to organize and file suit against the state.

Breweries — at least in Wilmington — took the news that they could open in stride, but not all reopened. Some stayed closed for health reasons, while others were in the midst of some spring cleaning.

Lastly, the ‘Downtown Alive’ plan is making progress in Wilmington, after a meeting with city staff and other stakeholders last week. Still, nothing will be official until city council approves it, and the next opportunity for that to happen isn’t until next week (unless the city calls an emergency meeting which, so far, there’s been no sign of).

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