Monday, July 22, 2024

Special Covid-19 Podcast: Where we’re at, what we’re hearing, and what’s next [Free listen]

As of Wednesday morning, there were over 500 North Carolina cases, including 10 in New Hanover County, and two fatalities. (Port City Daily photo illustration/Courtesy CDC)

The Covid-19 story evolves daily, if not hourly, and keeping up can be hard to do.

This mid-week podcast is a chance for us to check in with where things are right now. The numbers are increasing: 504 cases state-wide, from at least 10,489 state and private tests. New Hanover and Brunswick counties have both seen around 10 cases, with one case of ‘community spread’ in the Wilmington area. To date, there’s been at least one fatality.

What does that all mean for the Wilmington area? Will the region see even stricter regulations — or a complete ‘shelter-in-place’ or ‘stay home’ type shutdowns (and what do those terms mean)?

We also get into some of the issues that we’re working on right now, including the politicizing of the response to Covid-19, the flow of information during the crisis, and how different government bodies are responding.

Lastly, we continue to ask our readers (and listeners) to share their stories, their questions, and their concerns with us. You can reach us info@portcitydaily, or reach out to us on Facebook, or contact one of our reporters directly.

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