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Where We Live: An artist’s Mediterranean oasis

Katherine Wolf-Webb is an artist based out of Wilmington- who also happens to splash her distinctive style all over her downtown home.

WILMINGTON—With a home as her playground, Katherine Wolf-Webb has left her fingerprints all over.

Since 2012, the artist has occupied a Mediterranean-style home in downtown Wilmington. The house is so reflective of Webb’s personal taste that it doesn’t quite fit a genre. Wolf-Webb’s love of birds, critters and light is sprinkled throughout the home’s open, Mediterranean layout.

“The layout is so wonderful,” Wolf-Webb said. “It flows so beautifully.”

Built and designed by John Wallace in 2006, the 3,459 sq. ft. home is modern with reenergized, historic flavor.

The guy that designed it was just magic,” Wolf-Webb said.

Incorporating family heirlooms alongside contemporary art, Wolf-Webb has no fear breathing new life into old things. 

She painted an antique bed set bright blue, added mirror backsplashes in the kitchen and sheetrocked an old metal ventilation hood.

“If you put everything you love together, it works,” Wolf-Webb said.

Most all the art in the home is Wolf-Webb’s own. You’ll find large abstract pieces, spunky mobiles and sculptures.

Her hand-crafted lantern sculptures that were featured in Cameron Art Museum’s exhibit “Art of Illumination” live there, along with several projects that may soon find their way into new homes.

When she’s not in her home studio dreaming up new works, Wolf-Webb spends time with her — living — birds in her enclosed courtyard. 

“Its so open but it’s not,” Wolf-Webb said. “You get a little privacy.”

After living in Wilmington for 12 years, Wolf-Webb is delighted to have nested in a nook of her style. “I am the luckiest person in the world,” she said.

412 North 14th St. will be featured on the Azalea Festival Home Tour on April 14 and 15. Tickets are available online for the tour, presented by Delinda Harrelson and Associates, which features eleven historic homes.

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