Flu decreasing, but still hanging around the Wilmington area

Cases of the flu are decreasing, but the season still has a few months to go.

Even with spring on the horizon, flu is still widespread in North Carolina and taking a toll on the elderly. First, the good news. Flu cases have dropped, according to the North Carolina Weekly Influenza Surveillance Summary released Thursday, March 16, by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. Statewide, there were 501 cases […]

Opioids: ‘Addressing demand is the only way to stop this’

"One of the most important things I’d like people to know is that treatment works. It might take one or two times, but it works. It might be the only thing that really does.” - North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein

A serious accident at Independence Boulevard and Oleader Drive  sent five people to the hospital this morning, including two children. Police are still on the scene.

Author’s note: This series has explored questions about the opioid epidemic in Wilmington. It has focused on the basics: what are opioids, who are the people using them? Some questions remain: what is at the root of epidemic? Why is this epidemic hitting our area so hard – harder than nearly anywhere else in the nation? […]

Green glow washes away for now, but seasonal allergies on the rise in the Cape Fear

“We had a very mild winter and pollen is very temperature sensitive."

Wilmington saw its first snow fall in the month of March since 1983 on Sunday.

WILMINGTON – Have you noticed the nuclear green glow on your car over the past few weeks? An early bloom, thanks to unseasonably warm temperatures, has led to a high pollen count. This, even with the area’s first March snowfall since 1983. The early spring before the burst of cold air over the weekend had been […]

State advises you to check the water before taking that swim


If you’re thinking about heading to the beach for a swim, you may think you’re doing something healthy. But coastal swimming can make you sick, especially if the water is contaminated with sewage, bacteria or runoff from heavy rains or storms. Before you take a dip, it makes sense to understand the risks — and […]

Warm winter may require preparing early for mosquitoes


It’s too soon to know for sure, but after a warm February and an early spring, Wilmington residents may reaching for bug spray early this year. Mosquitoes aren’t just aggravating. They also transmit diseases, from malaria to the Zika virus. So whether and when they emerge, and how strong in numbers they are when they do, is a […]

‘Wilmington is a heroin town’ – the rise and return of heroin in the opioid crisis

"[T]he real story is that a lot of good doctors who were simply ignorant about addiction started cutting back. And a lot of people who were already hooked suddenly were left in the lurch.”

heroin bundles

Author’s note: Anecdotes and statistics agree, Wilmington is suffering an epidemic of opioid drug use. What remains unclear –– and what this series hopes to clarify –– are fundamental questions about the epidemic. The epidemic does not have one single narrative but, instead, intertwining threads. Street heroin has a different, but related, story to prescription drugs. Likewise, […]

Exercise yes, pills no: Doctors unveil guidance for lower back pain

If you have lower back pain, the last thing you should do is take prescription opiates. That’s the gist of guidance released earlier this month by the American College of Physicians. The new guideline, published in Annals of Internal Medicine, says doctors should encourage patients with lower back pain to try exercise and non-drug approaches, […]

Salt therapy: ‘grandma’s’ spa secret gaining wellness converts

Salt therapy comes in two basic forms. One is halotherapy, the breathing of pulverized salt in a small space, sometimes called a salt cave. Another is flotation therapy, an updated take on what was once referred to as sensory deprivation therapy.

Another salt-based option is flotation therapy. An updated take on what was once referred to as sensory deprivation therapy, it typically involves floating in a tank or pod filled with warm water and Epsom salt. (Courtesy of Williamsburg Salt Spa)

It’s in virtually every kitchen. Nutritionists say to avoid it. Yet from the Eastern Seaboard to California, it’s being touted for health benefits, from spa customers to veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. What is it? Salt. And chances are, in one form or another, it’s in a spa near you. “It is a natural […]

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