Guest podcast: Wilmington’s Confederate monuments, what do they mean and what should become of them? [Free]

Editor’s note: Port City Daily is pleased to share the following episode of the Collective Voice podcast, featuring journalist and author Kevin Maurer and produced by Cape Fear Collective (CFC). You can find more episodes of the podcast here, and more detailed information about CFC here.

Above: Listen to the podcast.

On this episode of the Collective Voice, we see the Confederate monuments through the eyes of three people: Terri Everett, a Wilmington resident who grew up in the region when it was segregated and is now running for Congress; Andre Brown, a local attorney and member of the African American Business Council; and Chris Fonvielle, a historian and one of the region’s experts on the Civil War.

Note: CFC reached out to the Daughters of the Confederacy, which helped build one of Wilmington’s monuments, in addition to others all around the south. They declined to participate in the podcast but did issue a statement, discussed in the podcast.


About the contributor: Founded in 2019, the Cape Fear Collective (CFC) is a collective impact and data science nonprofit backbone organization based in Wilmington, North Carolina. Born out of the corporate sector, CFC’s mission is to scale big data, fundraising, social innovation, and large-scale initiative management to a six-county region in Southeastern North Carolina. CFC employs data scientists, strategists, journalists, and process improvement experts who partner with anchor institutions from across the region. Together, they create sustainable impact programs that address social progress across a variety of sectors including economic development, health and human services, climate change, and housing.

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