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Cape Fear Dogma's first film stars Christy Grantham, who appeared in "Revolution," "Under the Dome" and "Sleepy Hollow" on NBC, CBS and FOX. (Photo courtesy Cape Fear Dogma)
Dogma Cape Fear’s first film stars Christy Grantham, who appeared in ‘Revolution,’ ‘Under the Dome’ and ‘Sleepy Hollow’ on NBC, CBS and FOX. (Photo courtesy of Dogma Cape Fear)

WILMINGTON — A new group of filmmakers dedicated to keeping Hollywood East alive has released its first Instagram film, with more on the way.

Port City Daily met with Dogma Cape Fear last week on the set on its debut film “Oh, You Shouldn’t Have.” The film stars Christy Grantham, a veteran of Wilmington’s television production scene. Grantham has appeared in “Revolution” on NBC, “Under the Dome” on CBS, and “Sleepy Hollow” on FOX.

The film took less than a week to edit and release on Instagram. Wilmington-area director Alex Sinesi said, “we live in an absolutely amazing time in terms of filmmaking.”

Cape Fear Dogma's Chic Scaparo (prone) and director Alex Sinesi (holding clapboard).
Filming of ‘Oh, You Shouldn’t Have.’ Dogma Cape Fear’s Chic Scaparo (prone) and director Alex Sinesi (holding clapboard). (Photo by Benjamin Schachtman)

Sinesi said that digital cameras and editing equipment have freed independent filmmakers for both the financial burden of shooting on film and the laborious process of editing film stock. “Almost everyone has at least some measure of editing equipment on their laptop,” Sinesi said. “And with a little extra investment, we can do great things without a major studio.”

The film-making collective met this week to discuss and plan upcoming shoots, according to member Chic Scaparo. Dogma Cape Fear plans to release as many as 50 films this year.

“We should have at least three more to shoot over the next month,” Scaparo said.

While the group’s core members are already planning projects into March and April, Dogma Cape Fear is still looking for new members and submissions from other regional filmmakers. The group can be contacted at

Watch Dogma Cape Fear’s debut short film. [Contains some mildly morbid humor.]

Our first film, "Oh, You Shouldn't Have"

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