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A site plan for the proposed Middle Sound Loop development that will be presented Monday.
A site plan for the proposed Middle Sound Loop development that will be presented Monday.

A public hearing on a rezoning request for a new residential development on Middle Sound Loop Road will be held Monday afternoon during the New Hanover County Commissioners meeting.

The applicant is requesting that 17.42 acres of land located at 2400 Middle Sound Loop Road be changed from R-20S, a low-density zone (minimum of 20,000 square feet per lot) that prohibits mobile homes, duplexes, residential clusters and performance developments to R-20 conditional residential district. This would allow a 32-lot performance residential development, which is measured by a maximum density standard (1.9 dwelling units per acre in an R-20 zone) rather than a minimum lot size, to be built.

The request was presented before the county’s planning board earlier this month, where it passed by a 5 – 0 vote. However, according to documents accompanying the commissioners agenda, there was some opposition.

“Seven residents in the area spoke in opposition of the application, citing concerns about the development’s impact on drainage, traffic, and schools, and stating that the development would not be in harmony with the existing area,” the documents state.

The four parcels of land that make up the proposed development are located on the southeastern end of the loop road. It is surrounded by residential areas zoned R-20 and R-15 (minimum of 15,000 square feet per lot). Other subdivisions nearby include Anchors Bend, Stoney Brook, Ocean View, Glenarbor and Middle Point.

A site plan shows one way in and out, a yet-to-be-built road that leads to Middle Sound Loop Road just south of Loftin Drive. According to county planners, the new subdivision will generate less than 40 trips each in the morning and evening peak hour times, so a traffic impact analysis was not done.

The closest schools to the development are Ogden Elementary School and Noble Middle School. Eaton Elementary School is also nearby, and the new Porters Neck Elementary School that is currently under construction could also help alleviate capacity concerns at those schools.