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Fixing tech’s gender glitch; one Wilmington group takes on industry culture

WILMINGTON --- The tech industry isn’t just about jobs, it’s about the culture of those jobs. While many celebrate tech companies for their emphasis...

Wilmington entrepreneur easing pain of North Carolina’s ‘annoying’ private club law for bars and customers

Video: BarMembership Founder Brandon Noel demonstrating that North Carolina's 'private club' membership laws need not be a time-consuming pain for customers and bar owners. WILMINGTON...

This Wilmington tech start-up is fixing what’s missing from virtual reality

WILMINGTON --- Virtual Reality technology has come a long way since its early blocky geometric days, but it still has its shortcomings. One of...

UNCW Professor helps film students, others, find their way in Wilmington’s new economy [Video]

https://vimeo.com/194530047 WILMINGTON – Over one-third of Professor Suzanne Altobello’s business class students are film majors. That tells you something about Wilmington, but also something about...

New Wilmington-based service would support small batches of experimental beers

WILMINGTON – Craft breweries establish themselves in many ways, but frequently it’s with bolder or more experimental beers. That’s the joy of craft beer –...

Climbing TekMountain: Laney High student gets ‘dream’ meeting, and philosophical discussion, with CEO

WILMINGTON --- TekMountain CEO Brett Martin relaxed in a chair, talking with Laney High School student Sam Weaver. “We’re just talking about life,” Martin said....

Take a tour of St. James Plantation without leaving your home

SOUTHPORT --- The St. James Plantation, founded by WWII veteran and North Carolina native Homer Wright, is an award-winning planned community. For many potential...

Talking tech and Wilmington’s employment ‘gap’

  WILMINGTON --- The tech business continues to grow in Wilmington, filling a conspicuous gap in the area's employment opportunities. The industry burst onto the scene...

Local start-up Flippze – the “Craigslist for Colleges” – gets national rollout

Buying and selling on sites like Craigslist can include taking a leap of faith for its users. Do you trust a random person you’ve...