World, meet classroom: Pine Valley Elementary holds 24-hour global Skype event

Teacher Beverly Ladd came up with the idea for the Skype-a-thon when her students asked to chat with kids in Australia.

Did you know water in Iceland is heated by its underground volcanic rocks? Or that in Serbia, schools have an onsite dentist? How about the Ecuadorians’ taste for barbecued Guinea pigs? Pine Valley Elementary School students certainly know those fun facts, but they didn’t get them from a trivia book. Instead, they heard them straight […]

Leland’s Aldi grocery store faces setback as other chains plan to move to Cape Fear

Rendering of an Aldi store. Courtesy photo.

Plans to build the area’s first ALDI grocery store have hit a slight bump in the road. The company was set to hand over proposals earlier this week for the approximately 19,000-square-foot store planned in Leland to the town’s technical review committee, which scrutinizes the impact construction has on transportation and utilities. But Leland planning […]

Publix supermarket to open location in Wilmington

A new grocery store is coming to midtown Wilmington. The fast-growing, employee-owned supermarket chain Publix announced this week that it will open its first Wilmington location in late 2016. According to company spokesperson Kimberly Reynolds, the 45,000-square-foot grocery store will be at the corner of South College Road and Bragg Drive, sandwiched between the nearby […]