From childhood abuse to adult opioid addiction: a local tale

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Angela Maccarter remembers playing a game called Don’t Wake Daddy. There was a board game by that name, and for most kids, that’s all it was: a board game. But for Angela and her sister Melody, it was real life. Angela remembers crushing baby aspirin into her father’s mashed potatoes to try and poison him. […]

‘This numbs pain’ – The connection between mental health and opioids

"The desire to push things away, to not deal with it, to forget is powerful. Sadly, opioids are probably the best thing for forgetting.”

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Author’s note: Anecdotes and statistics agree, Wilmington is suffering an epidemic of opioid drug use. What remains unclear –– and what this series hopes to clarify –– are fundamental questions about the epidemic. The epidemic does not have one single narrative but, instead, intertwining threads. Street heroin has a different, but related, story to prescription drugs. Likewise, […]

Rubber ducks to race the waters for second annual fundraiser

Thousands of iconic bathtub toys will fill Jungle Rapids' Lazy River Friday for the second annual Coastal Duck Derby. Courtesy photo.

When a sea of rubber ducks came splashing down into Jungle Rapids’ Lazy River last year, the sound was, in a word, thunderous. “We all looked up at the sky, and it was a perfectly nice night,” said Jamie Thompson, development director for Coastal Horizons. “We finally realized it was the ducks.” The roar of […]

NFL legend to speak at Wilmington fundraiser

Former NFL quarterback and two-time Super Bowl MVP Terry Bradshaw. Courtesy photo.

Two-time Super Bowl Most Valuable Player and NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw will be visiting the Port City in June to speak at a fundraiser. The Pittsburgh Steelers legend and current Sunday Fox NFL co-host will give the keynote address at Coastal Horizons Center’s 2016 Annual Luncheon, which will be held on Friday, […]