Help Brunswick County keep grease and oils out of sewer system

Local utilities company H2GO has implemented its C.O.R.E (Cooking Oil Recycling Effort) program to combat this growing environmental threat.


BRUNSWICK COUNTY — In 2015, H2GO recognized a growing environmental problem. Sewers were beginning to become filled with fats, oils and grease. Not only was this causing problems with the sewers, but it was causing problems within homeowners plumbing and home sewer systems. The next issue H2GO had to look at:  there wasn’t any sustainable […]

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Brunswick County utilities company H2GO celebrates 2,000 days of safety

A fire hydrant signed by the H2Go staff.

LELAND — On Feb. 8, H2GO held a celebration for its nearly 30 employees, thanking them for their commitment to safety. H2GO has now gone 2,000 working days without a safety violation or time loss from injury. Related: Brunswick utilities company H2GO shares the importance of buying local In 2012, Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Brian Griffith formed […]

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Brunswick utilities company H2GO shares the importance of buying local


BRUNSWICK COUNTY — Several studies have shown that buying local strengthens the economic base of the community. As the North Brunswick area continues to grow and more businesses are coming to the area, H2GO has decided to bring its business to local companies. In the past month, H2GO has implemented many projects to benefit their […]

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