Shout Submissions

Do you have news or a story of community interest? Email us at


Port City Daily is your local online news source for Wilmington and the surrounding Cape Fear region. We’re committed to delivering timely local news and stories that matter to you most.

To make sure every great story is reported, we created Local Shout: a channel for locals to share and report stories of community interest.

How Local Shout works:

  1. Email your complete story with byline (name/organization) and photos to
  2. Our editors will review your submission and follow up if necessary
  3. We will publish your story and send you a link to share

When submitting a Local Shout story, follow these best practices:

  • Share why your story is important and how it affects our community
  • Submit photos and include captions
  • Attribute quotes
  • Avoid using first person
  • Use minimal adjectives and adverbs; simply state the facts
  • Refrain from soliciting or advertising

We reserve the right to edit for length, spelling and grammar. We also reserve the right to not post a submission.