All Aboard: Riverboat cruises are ‘the next big thing’ for travelers from Wilmington

As opposed to typical ocean cruise ships, which usually have long buffet lines and jam-packed pool decks, riverboat cruises offer a more intimate experience. Which is something desired by the older crowd.

“Riverboats are more inclusive and more of a luxury line, so naturally, it attracts more older and accomplished travelers,” said Jessica Rendall, owner of AnyCruise Travel in Wilmington. (Photo courtesy Pat Kirkman)

With exciting international itineraries, high-tech amenities provided onboard and extra time to explore, riverboat cruises are catching on among the travelers from Wilmington. This is not a new phenomenon — river cruises have been in business for decades — but more modern ships are now visiting more locations around the world that ocean-going vessels cannot […]

Opioids, ‘one of the most frightening issues of our time’

“It’s one of the most frightening issues of our time. It’s also one of the most important." --- Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo


Author’s note: Anecdotes and statistics agree, Wilmington is suffering an epidemic of opioid drug use. What remains unclear –– and what this series hopes to clarify –– are fundamental questions about the epidemic. The epidemic does not have one single narrative but, instead,  intertwining threads. Street heroin has a different, but related, story to prescription drugs. […]

Europe? Check. Asia? Check. Former UNC-Wilmington students are now driving across Africa

Cameron Seagle and Natasha Alden bought a truck and started their African adventure last July with no end in sight. “We will continue to travel until we find a place to call home,” they wrote on their blog.

Wilmington resident Cameron Seagle, right, and his girlfriend Natasha Alden, airborne, have been traveling the world for the past four years. (The World Pursuit instagram)

That moment when adventure, vacation and escapism becomes normal life. For Cameron Seagle and Natasha Alden, it happened more than four years ago. Shortly after graduating from UNC-Wilmington, they did not frame the brand-new diploma and start that typical young-professional job hunt. Nope. Instead, they went online and booked the cheapest airfare to Europe they […]

University of North Carolina at Wilmington graduate arrested for terror threat against non-Muslims

Garrett Grimsley

CARY, NC – A former Cape Fear Community College and University of North Carolina at Wilmington student was arrested in Cary on Sunday for threatening violence against the town. Executive Director of University Relations Janine Iamunno confirmed Garrett Grimsley was a transfer student from Cape Fear Community College who earned his bachelor’s in Computer Science. Grimsley […]

Take a glimpse into Wilmington’s rationed restaurant scene, circa World War II

Friendly Restaurant (2) (1280x853)

WILMINGTON – A slice of Port City’s World War II-era culinary life was among donations to the Cape Fear Museum approved by the New Hanover County Board of Commissioners earlier this week. Like the other 14 donations, the menu for The Friendly Cafeteria and Restaurant is a time-capsule, capturing part of the region’s 300-year history, […]

Aspiring young Wilmington chef takes on NYC, ‘Chopped Jr.’ and his own small business

"It's real. Once the cooking starts, it’s a straight-up 30 minutes. It’s really serious."

20161012_190132 (1)

  WILMINGTON – The Food Network’s “Chopped” series presents contestants with difficult – and sometimes unappetizing – combinations of ingredients and challenges them to come up with gourmet meals. Thirteen-year-old Stefano Dongowski, who recently competed on the show, said he was up to the challenge. WATCH: Stefano Dongowski teamed up with Port City Daily to […]

Wilmington’s food scene is no NYC, but that’s changing

"We're getting there. We're not there yet. It just means education and just having those conversations. We just have to keep leaning on it."

'Locavore' cuisine - championing local, sustainable food - has been at the heart of Wilmington's food revolution and at Craig Love's Surf House in Carolina Beach. (Photo Benjamin Schachtman)

WILMINGTON — Wilmington is on its way to becoming a “foodie city,” but it’s not there yet. At last week’s Feast Down East, Chef Craig Love hosted a panel on making Wilmington a “Foodie City.” His panelists included Keith Rhodes, who Love called “Wilmington’s first really recognizable chef, someone who wanted to get to the next […]

Heaven at Half Hell: Greenlands farm reopens store and reinvigorates family farming

Greenland farms (1) (1280x853)

BOLIVIA – Local, seasonal and sustainable: customers are increasingly encouraged to seek out these things but often remain at the mercy of what grocery stores have in stock. Unless, of course, those customers know a farmer. Or where to find a farm store. The Greenlands farm store, located in the area of Bolivia known locally […]

Chef Andrew Buffalino brings worldly experiences to Little Buffalo Pizza Shop in Wrightsboro

Pizza pie isn't the only thing on the menu at Little Buffalo Pizza Shop.

WRIGHTSBORO – Entrepreneurship is as thick as the blood that runs through the veins of the Buffalino family. One of three brothers who own local businesses in the area, Andrew Bufallino developed a love for shaping food in his teenage years, and from his experiences as a butcher and travelling throughout Europe. Now, two years […]

A top-secret piece of history is being brought back to light on the Battleship North Carolina

“You could see the big pieces, the loading mechanism and the gun itself. But this lets you see how the sailors actually used it. You’re that much closer to being there, the way it was in combat.”

IMG_9859 (1024x683)

WILMINGTON – A group of volunteers working to restore the U.S.S. North Carolina came across a top-secret piece of technology that was nearly lost to history. Now they’re bringing it back to light. “We call ourselves the Wednesday Volunteers,” said Pete McWilliams, who helped organize the group. “We try to keep it simple. We’re all retired, […]