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Cape Fear’s first toilet bowl is aflush with history

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BRUNSWICK COUNTY --- Plunge into history with Brunswick Town/Fort Anderson’s newest exhibit, a colonial-era toilet bowl now on display at the site’s museum. This circa...

Letter from dad inspires local runner to first-place finish at Wrightsville Beach Marathon

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WILMINGTON – The motivation one may use to fuel themselves in an athletic competition varies from person to person. For Wilmington resident Erin Hogston,...

‘Me-wow!’ Wilmington might be getting its first ‘cat cafe’

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WILMINGTON --- Delia Valenti Eveland, a self-described “crazy cat lady,” has wanted Wilmington to have its own "cat café" for a long time. So,...

Video: What it means to ‘Strut for Kids’ with cancer

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https://youtu.be/BRZoQG7fiu8 WILMINGTON --- “We Plan, We Run, We Race for Them” was a motto that originated seven years ago as a group of moms sat around...
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A near-death accident ended his attempted circumnavigation, now he’s seeing the magic of Wrightsville

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  WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH – It was a quiet Monday evening, about one hour after sunset, when a fireball erupted from the cabin of a sailboat...

Revamping a business concept leads to a successful ‘family’ tradition at Wilmington’s Cousins Deli

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WILMINGTON – Do your childhood memories include playing under the dining room table while grandma whipped up something tasty in the kitchen so that the...

Watch as ‘Chopped Jr.’ chef from Wilmington cooks up signature Moroccan Chicken Wings [Video]

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WILMINGTON --- One of the Port City's youngest and most ambitious chefs will appear on the Food Network's "Chopped Jr." this week. Stefano Dongowski will...

Giving students a second chance via second hand sales

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LELAND – Despite years of modest success, the Communities in Schools thrift stores are still facing a major hurdle: many people have some serious...

Longtime Supper Optimist Coach readies for another season in local senior softball

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WILMINGTON – Seventy-two-year-old Wilmington resident Bill Manley feels like a kid in a candy store each time he’s able to get back on the field...

Aspiring young Wilmington chef takes on NYC, ‘Chopped Jr.’ and his own small business

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  WILMINGTON – The Food Network’s “Chopped” series presents contestants with difficult – and sometimes unappetizing – combinations of ingredients and challenges them to come...