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Green glow washes away for now, but seasonal allergies on the rise in the Cape Fear

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WILMINGTON – Have you noticed the nuclear green glow on your car over the past few weeks? An early bloom, thanks to unseasonably warm...

State advises you to check the water before taking that swim

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If you’re thinking about heading to the beach for a swim, you may think you’re doing something healthy. But coastal swimming can make you...

Warm winter may require preparing early for mosquitoes

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It's too soon to know for sure, but after a warm February and an early spring, Wilmington residents may reaching for bug spray early this year. Mosquitoes aren’t...

‘Wilmington is a heroin town’ – the rise and return of heroin in the opioid crisis

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Author’s note: Anecdotes and statistics agree, Wilmington is suffering an epidemic of opioid drug use. What remains unclear –– and what this series hopes to...

Exercise yes, pills no: Doctors unveil guidance for lower back pain

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If you have lower back pain, the last thing you should do is take prescription opiates. That’s the gist of guidance released earlier this month...
Another salt-based option is flotation therapy. An updated take on what was once referred to as sensory deprivation therapy, it typically involves floating in a tank or pod filled with warm water and Epsom salt. (Courtesy of Williamsburg Salt Spa)

Salt therapy: ‘grandma’s’ spa secret gaining wellness converts

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It’s in virtually every kitchen. Nutritionists say to avoid it. Yet from the Eastern Seaboard to California, it’s being touted for health benefits, from spa...

Demographics means a higher level of sleep disorders in Wilmington

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WILMINGTON --- Failing to get a good night’s rest can have more of a lasting impact than simply leaving you red-eyed and groggy the...

New vision test in Wilmington will spare many from ‘devastating diagnosis’

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  WILMINGTON – By the time many of the 10 million people suffering from age-related macular degeneration (AMD) get their diagnosis, they have already suffered...

‘Welcome to the Gloom’ – A new kind of men’s fitness program grows in Wilmington and Leland

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WILMINGTON – Two hours before dawn and just a few degrees above freezing, a dozen men gathered in Leland Municipal Park. In near-darkness, the...

North Carolina congressmen weigh in on uncertain, intertwined fate of Planned Parenthood and Affordable Care Act

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – The future of Planned Parenthood has grown increasingly uncertain as Republicans intensify efforts to eliminate it along with the Affordable Care...