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How is the Wells Fargo Championship affecting downtown business? Not so much — yet

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WILMINGTON --- The Wells Fargo Championship has arrived in the Port City. With an estimated influx of 25,000 people expected in town, what can...

Are you loving your pet into obesity? Wilmington tech company helps you find out

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WILMINGTON --- Americans love their pets. The problem is, they’re loving those pets to death. Ed Hall, founder of Wilmington-based Petrics, said the problem isn't malice,...

Wilmington marketing company Proclaim Interactive wins service awards

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Proclaim Interactive, a digital marketing agency headquartered in Wilmington, has been selected from more than 1,900 entries to earn two gold awards from the...

Scratch on 23rd promises fast, ‘gourmet’ and homemade for people on the go

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WILMINGTON --- Scratch on 23rd, the first restaurant in the new ILM Business Park, is setting the pace for food in the area around...

Wilmington City Council gives two Riverwalk restaurants the go ahead to open

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WILMINGTON – The opening of two large restaurants on Wilmington’s north riverfront should finally be back on track after a new agreement between the...

This Wilmington tech start-up is fixing what’s missing from virtual reality

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WILMINGTON --- Virtual Reality technology has come a long way since its early blocky geometric days, but it still has its shortcomings. One of...

Pay homage to the 80s: Party ‘Pretty in Pink’ style on Castle Street Saturday

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WILMINGTON --- Kick off spring in style this weekend with a ‘Pretty in Pink’ Party, hosted by Jess James + Co. on Castle Street...

New Wilmington seafood market offering caught-same-day fish to open Monday

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WILMINGTON --- Fresh local seafood should be easy to find in the Port City, but while roadside stands are ubiquitous - at least in...

New downtown Wilmington restaurant Savorez spices up homegrown southern style with Latin flavors

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WILMINGTON --- Downtown Wilmington's newest restaurant has all the makings of a great southern food restaurant: local ingredients, a humble attitude and a chef...

New Wilmington-based service would support small batches of experimental beers

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WILMINGTON – Craft breweries establish themselves in many ways, but frequently it’s with bolder or more experimental beers. That’s the joy of craft beer –...