Six recipes for the vegan at your Thanksgiving table


For the nation’s 7 million vegetarians and 1 million vegans, Thanksgiving means family and friends, but not turkey. But that does not mean that food is not important. On no other day of the year are expectations for a home-cooked meal higher. For that reason, the holiday can be challenging for vegan home cooks. Port […]

North Carolina Representative Susi Hamilton calls for Governor Pat McCrory to concede (VIDEO)


WILMINGTON — State Representative Susi Hamilton called for Governor Pat McCrory to cease his election protests and concede the gubernatorial race to Attorney General Roy Cooper. At a press conference, Hamilton told said McCrory currents trails Cooper by nearly 8,000 votes. McCrory’s campaign released a statement on Thursday citing election protests filed in half of North […]

This Thanksgiving, serve pumpkin pie as they would have on the Battleship North Carolina


WILMINGTON —  In the galley of the U.S.S. North Carolina, there is a hand-written recipe for pumpkin pie. A lot of pumpkin pie. The recipe, along with one for a shortening-based crust, makes approximately 350 pies, over 2,000 servings. The pie recipe comes from the cookbook of Oscar David Taylor, a member of the battleship’s S […]

Canvass delayed in Brunswick, New Hanover and Pender Counties due to record discrepancies

NEW HANOVER COUNTY — The county vote canvasses previously scheduled in the tri-county area for today will all be postponed until Tuesday. According to Derek Bowens, New Hanover County’s director of elections, North Carolina election officials are pursuing a court order to verify voting registration discrepancies between the county election boards and the Department of […]

Carolina Farmin’ delivers on ‘local’ promises in downtown Wilmington (Photos)


WILMINGTON — Carolina Farmin’ opened Friday in downtown Wilmington, but not without first giving  the press a sneak peak at the store. The store offers local selections in nearly every department. Carolina Farmin’ produces all its bread, desserts —including gelato — and several prepackaged food selections at a commissary facility on Emerson St. in Wilmington. The meat […]

Meet Lana Popova, who’s visiting Wilmington with the Moscow Ballet’s ‘Nutcracker’


WILMINGTON — The Moscow Ballet will perform their “Great Russian Nutcracker” at University of North Carolina Wilmington’s Kenan Auditorium next week. Port City Daily spoke to Svetlana Popova, ballerina and audition director for the Ballet. Popova said she was excited, first and foremost, about working with children. As audition director, Popova oversees the selection of […]

‘Wilmington Ten’ sign commemorates difficult chapter in city history


WILMINGTON — The City of Wilmington formally commemorated the Wilmington Ten with a sign on Thursday, Nov. 17, acknowledging a difficult time and honoring those who endured it. The Wilmington Ten became the international face of racial tensions in the United States during the fraught decade of their incarceration. Nine African American men and an anti-poverty worker were charged […]

Could Tall Ships be coming to Wilmington’s riverfront? The business community has a plan


WILMINGTON – Tall Ships are coming to the Port City, if Jeffrey Parker and the Wilmington Harbor Enhancement Trust (WHET) can build enough support. Tall Ships America (TSA) is a fleet of multi-mast sailing vessels that dock at major cities along the Great Lakes, Atlantic and the Gulf Coast. According to Lock, TSA generated $1.8 […]

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