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Port City Daily (www.portcitydaily.com) is your online local news source for Wilmington and the surrounding Cape Fear region, including New Hanover, Brunswick and Pender counties. This is a diverse and dynamic community and we aim to report the news that defines this region. Accuracy, timeliness, and a commitment to fairness will be our watchwords.

As much as possible, we intend to go beyond merely reporting what happens here, but to put news and events in context, and to explain why things happen. We have a knowledgeable, accomplished staff devoted to bringing you news and information, but we want and need your participation. We want to be your eyes and ears in the community and invite you to be ours.

We want to do everything we can to make www.portcitydaily.com your home page, and we want to hear from you about how we can make that happen. Our goal is to create a true community conversation on the news, topics and issues that are important to everyone who calls Wilmington and the surrounding region home. Our  mission is to restore trust to local news with our journalistic promise of providing only True News.  This means no editorials. No columnists. No letters to the editor. No anonymous sources. No endorsement of political candidate.  We spell peoples’ names correctly and we quote them in context. You can trust our news to give you the most accurate information, and decide for yourself how you feel about the issues.

You can hear summaries of our news of the day weekday mornings and afternoons on our local radio stations: WUIN – The Penguin 98.3FM and WUDE – The Dude 93.7FM & 106.3FM.  So, welcome to your hometown news source powered by your hometown radio stations. We’re excited to share your hometown with you and we thank you for visiting us to read the latest news.


Thomas G. Davis – President, CEO – Local Voice Media (tom@localvoicemedia.com)
Kimberly Lenz, Publisher, VP Digital News – Local Voice Media (kim@localvoicemedia.com)

Port City Daily is currently recruiting for a new managing editor. In the meantime, if you have a story idea for Port City Daily, send an email to the newsroom at pcd@portcitydaily.com. To submit community news, please send that information to hometownnews@portcitydaily.com. Got a breaking news tip? Send that information to newstips@portcitydaily.com.

And some more folks whose words you read and voices you hear:

Joe Catenacci –From Hampstead to Shallotte and everywhere in between, Joe Cats has a firm grip on local sports within the Wilmington area. Covering 12 high schools and 12 different sports across Brunswick, New Hanover and Pender Counties “Cats” is the go to for scores, stats and highlights each and every day at www.portcitydaily.com.

Through his nearly four years of coverage, Catenacci has developed strong relationships with players, coaches, administrators and the community, following the careers of student-athletes through their college years and into the professional ranks.

A former college ballplayer himself, Catenacci offers unique insight and perspective through his daily recaps, game stories and feature articles.

“Cats” spent much of his collegiate career broadcasting basketball games, while also playing baseball at Caldwell University in New Jersey.  He was part of the 2001 Brookdale Community College team that made it to the Division Three Junior College World Series. He also played an integral role on the 2004 Caldwell College ball club that made it to the NCAA Regionals for the first time in the school’s history.

In addition to his full-time duties at Local Voice, “Cats” has been able to extend his passion for the spoken word by serving as play-by-play broadcaster for UNC-Wilmington Athletics, Coastal Carolina University Athletics and Wilmington Hammerheads FC. He also hosts a weekly produced Sports Roundtable Coaches Show on New Hanover County Schools TV.

During his limited free time, Catenacci volunteers as a baseball coach for the Topsail Baseball Club, guiding his 13-15 year old Babe Ruth Team. He’s also the manager for the Hampstead Post 167 American Legion Baseball Team. When he’s not on the ball field, “Cats” enjoys spending afternoons at the beach with his wife, Tania, along with quality time with family and friends.  Joe can be reached at joe.c@portcitydaily.com.

Christina Haley is originally from Charlotte and moved to Wilmington in 2003. She graduated from UNCW in 2010 with a degree in philosophy and religion. After graduating college, she served an internship with the Greater Wilmington Business Journal where she found a passion for research and reporting. She accepted a part-time reporting position at the publication after her internship. While working at the Business Journal she also managed a post-production recording facility at Screen Gems Studio. At Port City Daily, she will cover crime and traffic, as well as business news and features. She can be reached at christina.h@portcitydaily.com.

Hilary Snow is an award-winning journalist who has spent the last decade reporting on a variety of topics, including education and religion, for The State Port Pilot in Southport. Snow, a Wilmington native, graduated from UNC-Wilmington in 2003 with undergraduate degrees in English and philosophy and religion. While at The State Port Pilot, she received numerous N.C. Press Association awards, and is the four-time winner of the Duke Divinity School Award for Excellence in Religion Reporting. At Port City Daily, Snow will cover general news, in addition to writing features on local people, places and events. She can be reached at hilary.s@portcitydaily.com.

Hannah Leyva is a Los Angeles native and a graduate of the Indiana University School of Journalism in Indianapolis, where she majored in journalism and minored in sociology. After college, she covered communities in Indianapolis and Pensacola, Florida, for various periodicals, focusing on local businesses, nonprofit organizations, the environment and social justice events. She is a big sports fan, with soccer and basketball being her favorites to watch, and loves to be outdoors. At Port City Daily, Hannah will cover the beach communities and tourism. She can be reached at hannah.l@portcitydaily.com.