Spring forward with cleaning and do good by Brunswick County students

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Donating and shopping at CIS Thrift Shops supports the local economy, gives customers great deals, and supports a good cause all at the same time. (Courtesy: Todd Beane)

SOUTHPORT— Spring is a great time to go thrift shopping, not just because spring brings about feelings of refresh and renew, but because this is the time of year when everyone is cleaning out their garage and closets of unwanted items.

Thrifting can be a regular hobby – both donating and shopping.

What better place to start with the spring cleaning notion than with your home, garage or attic? Renew that space and clean it out. It can help you feel better, your house or garage looks better, and students can reap the benefits from your efforts.

Studies show taking the time to tackle those piles of magazines, sort through stacks of papers, and spruce up your space won’t just clear away the physical stuff, it’ll actually help you feel happier and more relaxed.

After you’ve cleaned out your home, garage or attic, and uncovered many new found treasures, donate your surplus items to Communities In Schools (CIS) Thrift Shops.

Donating and shopping at CIS Thrift Shops supports the local economy, gives customers great deals, and supports a good cause all at the same time. Every donation comes with a tax receipt to benefit the donor’s income taxes and the money from thrift shop purchases goes back in to CIS programs, helping students in Brunswick County stay in school.

CIS Thrift Shops accept: gently used or new clothing for ladies, men, and children, shoes, home décor, jewelry, housewares, electronics, art work, music related items, sports related items, tools, books, magazines and comic books, furniture, bicycles, and more. We will accept computers, computer towers, and flat screen computer systems or monitors, as long as the system has been wiped clean of all files.

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CIS Thrift Shops will accept a wide variety of donations, from clothing items to furniture and everything in-between. (Courtesy: CIS Brunswick County)

“Donate with a purpose. Customers support students with their donations and purchases. It’s not only a fun way to shop, but a win-win-win,” Todd Beane, CIS Thrift Shop Operations Manager, said. “Customers who donate goods get a tax receipt, shoppers save money by purchasing from CIS Thrift Shops, and support students in Brunswick County through purchases. The money raised by CIS Thrift Shops support CIS Action for Success dropout prevention programs in all five middle schools right here in Brunswick County.” 

The resale and thrifting industry is growing at a rate of seven percent per year, according to the National Association of Resale and Thrift Shops (NARTS). The association attributes this growth to Americans becoming more value-conscious and aware of the need to reduce waste and recycle clothes and goods.

According to NARTS, resale or thrift shopping attracts customers from all economic levels. There is no typical thrift shopper, just as there is no typical thrift shop. No one is immune to the excitement of finding a treasure and saving money.

Briton Campbell, Southport CIS Thrift Shop Lead Manager, believes thrifting has become more mainstream because of culture trends.

“It has to do with people wanting to create a look from a different time period and not want to spend their money at a high-end shop when they can get something that is authentically vintage from a thrift shop,” Campbell said.  “It’s the best place to find authentic styles from different eras.”

Beane notes spring cleaning is a great time to donate or to shop.

“People are cleaning and organizing and emptying homes of clutter. As they say, ‘one’s man’s junk is another man’s treasure.’ You can find amazing items, some almost brand new, during this time of year because of all the donations coming in,” he said.

CIS Thrift Shops also work with other nonprofit organizations, donating items that are not sold at our thrift shops to benefit even more individuals.

CIS Thrift Shops are great local thrift shops because of the customer experience it offers, Beane said. CIS shop staff know their customers and will spend time to help find that treasured item you are in search of. CIS Thrift Shops cover the entire county — part of a respected nonprofit — and usually have some of the best prices and widest variety of items.

Thrifting should be a regular hobby – both donating and shopping. (Courtesy: CIS Brunswick County)

CIS operates four thrift shops in Brunswick County that are open to shopping and donations. CIS Thrift Shops are located in Boiling Spring Lakes, Leland, Southport, and Sunset Beach with inventory turning over daily.

For more information about CIS of Brunswick County, its thrift shops or programs, contact the CIS office at 910-457-3494 or visit www.cisbrunswick.org. Follow CIS on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates.

CIS currently provides an Action for Success program in five middle schools that incorporates Success Coaches, community volunteers and club and business partnerships to support student achievement. CIS assists Brunswick County students through tutors, mentors, 21st Century Community Learning Centers, After School programs, Teen and Peer Court programs, and parenting education, with a major focus on dropout prevention services.

-Content provided by Todd Beane, CIS Brunswick County

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