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What is your pet’s name? Arlena
What is the breed of your pet? West Highland White Terrier
What is fun or quirky about your pet? She loves to sleep on the back of the couch and cleans herself like she is a cat.
How did you choose your pet’s name? It was an offshoot of one of my favorite songs.
Do you have a favorite walking route, etc? What is it and why? Her favorite walking route is from the couch to the food bowl. Truthfully her exercise is chasing squirrels and birds in the back yard.
Does your pet have a special talent? If so, what is it? She was always really bad at retrieving and bringing back a ball so we created or own game where I throw a ball to her and she bounces it back to me off of her nose. I think our record is 20 without dropping the ball. 
If your pet was a famous human, who would they be? Sophia from the Golden Girls, she is notoriously grumpy after 9 p.m., yet spunky and fun during the day. 
Submitted by Jenny Swinny